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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary in NWI

Established way back in the ’70s, Perma-Green is a lawn care company that you might say “grew with our Northwest Indiana customers.” Established in Valparaiso nearly 50 years ago, Perma-Green has combined forward-thinking technology with local expertise & experience. Our lawn care programs come with proven results. Each Perma-Green technician lives in the communities they serve!

NWI LAWN CARE SERVICELawn Care in Northwest Indiana

Perma-Green’s NWI Lawn Care Service includes lawn aeration, weed and feed, full-season lawn care plans, grub control, and mosquito control.

While we don’t mow lawns, you’ll be assigned a Perma-Green Lawn Care professional who can support best-practice lawn maintenance; including watering and mowing recommendations, aeration and overseeding scheduling.

Lawn Care Programs

From weed control & fertilization to complete Home Lawn Care, Perma-Green has plans for your unique soil and budget.

Lawn Care Aeration

Aeration is the secret to lawn care. It breaks up dead grass & allowing water, oxygen & fertilization to get to your lawn’s roots.

Tree & Shrub

Perma-Greens 40 years of experience in tree & shrub services makes us uniquely qualified to know the right nutrients to bring new life…

Commercial Lawn Care

The area’s top landscapers can’t afford to work with anyone else- Discover why Perma-Green is the choice for brand minded…

Mosquito, Insect & Grub

Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas can ruin your cherished time with family and friends. Perma-Greens lawn pest control protects your kids…

"Lawn Fungus" | Turf Grass Disease Treatment

Perma-Green is certified by OISC to handle fungicides, ensuring the safety of your family, pets, and the environment. Read more


Contact an expert for your personalized yard maintence plan.

Lawn Service & Digital Solutions

Behind every Google search is intent…people looking for solutions. Perma-Green is dedicated to lawn care solutions for you, from start to finish…even when you don’t need our lawn care services. Just explore our Community Pages. We offer real-time rain forecasts for each Northwest Indiana town and county. You’ll find watering tips, specials exclusive to your town, and even soil maps.

Helping Northwest Indiana with Lawn Service Guides and Charts

We know that when people have yard problems or lawn questions, they don’t need a sales pitch, they need help, and as a community lawn care service, it’s our responsibility to be there for you with solutions. This website is dedicated to providing our customers with articles, blogs, videos, and helpful solutions.


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A home in Northwest Indiana with a perfect lawn is viewed. Perma-Green offers lawn care in LaPorte Co, lake Co, and Porter Co.

You'll Find NWI Lawn Care Tips, Forecast, Apps, & Soil Maps for Your Town!

To help people meet these unique challenges, Perma-Green has individual pages for each community with useful lawn care tips, rain forecasts, special offers, and the GDDTracker app.

Perma-Green Lawn Care brings NWI’s most experienced services to your yard. And now, with a community page for each county and city in Northwest Indiana, our customers are empowered to find solid advice 24/7. Click your area for more…

Guide to Lawn Care and Fertilizer Packages

Choosing the right lawn care or fertilizer package can turn even the most challenging yard into a gorgeous lawn. While lawn packages will save you money, the key to getting the right lawn treatment at the best price is having your yard evaluated. Fortunately, Perma-Green offers Free estimates.

While a well-executed lawn fertilization program can save you money, the secret to getting the best value comes from using the right product and equipment. Perma-Green only uses professional-grade products from Helena and Conserv FS. The trusted products of our nation’s farmers. By using Permagreen Supreme Spreaders and Toro Aerators, our customers save money through improved efficiency while pampering our customer’s lawns!

A smart lawn care plan can transform grass into gorgeous turf. In this photo, a healthy lawn is viewed.

NWI's Environmentally Safe Grub Control & Lawn Care

A healthy lawn needs spring lawn care and nutrients

Perma-Green utilizes treatments and practices to maintain healthy lawns while minimizing environmental impact. For instance, Perma-Green utilizes Acelepryn Insecticide by Syngenta for Grub Control. This next-generation lawn grub control is superior to the Merit Grub Control and treats other lawn pests, such as armyworms. This minimizes the need for multi-pest applications throughout the year.

According to the article, GRUBS & PEST CONTROL,  Acelepryn is also considered very safe for our customers’ families and pets. Unlike most grub worm control, it has a low environmental impact and is non-toxic to people and animals, which means it can have wall-to-wall coverage without re-entry restrictions. That’s great news for all the Northwest Indiana homes, schools, sports grounds, and parks being treated by Perma-Green!

Acelepryn’s active ingredient is chlorantraniliprole, which is considered to be low toxicity to mammals and birds. It’s also less harmful to aquatic organisms compared to some other insecticides. Additionally, due to its low water solubility, Acelepryn has low potential for groundwater contamination. On the other hand, Merit’s active ingredient is imidacloprid, which has been associated with adverse effects on bees and other pollinators, as well as aquatic organisms. Imidacloprid is part of the neonicotinoid insecticide class, which has faced scrutiny due to its potential impact on non-target organisms and ecosystems.

Benefits of Perma-Green's Acelepryn Grub Control

  1. No known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms, including earthworms and honeybees
  2. Season-long control of every key turf-damaging white grub species
  3. Season-long control of caterpillars, including black cutworms, sod webworms, and fall armyworms
  4. Excellent billbug and annual bluegrass weevil control
  5. Flexibility to allow rainfall to move the product into the soil or irrigate after application


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