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Serving Northwest Indiana since 1974

Perma-Green provides expert lawn care services and solutions for Lake, Porter, LaPorte and Jasper Counties.  We are proud to be a family-run business, where all of our staff live in the communities that we serve. Our Perma-Green team delivers confidence and accountability with a team of seasoned professionals. Perma-Green’s home lawn care solutions include lawn seeding, regular lawn care programs, lawn fertilization service, weed control, lawn pest control, lawn aeration, and ornamental root feeding.

Meet the Perma-Green Team

Confessions of a Northwest Indiana Homeowner

Why Fall Lawn Fertilizer treatments are the secret to next year's greenest grass ever!

Who doesn’t love a thick, healthy lawn? Nothing beats the feel of green grass under your bare feet while grilling with friends and family. It’s the best part of owning a home. It’s the American dream.

But for those that call Northwest Indiana home, having the perfect lawn is often more aptly called a bad dream….even a nightmare!

How to get grass to grow!

For many of us, the only thing that grows under our feet are crabgrass and weeds.

Why? Because our soil composition is a mosaic of different soil types that were transported here over thousands of years by either Ice Age glaciers or waterways.

To make matters worse, a third of northern Lake County and huge chunks of Porter County and LaPorte County have thin or sandy soils. These areas were once sand dunes and even part of Lake Michigan.

Hard to kill weeds... ughhhh!!!!

Every town in the region has its own set of soil issues. Some soils have clay, others sand, and yet others are loam. In my Valparaiso neighborhood, we have all three. Ughhh!!!

When I first built my home, my new sod ended up deadpanning from the soil issues. A year later, my grass was dead and some obscure form of grab grass took over. Nobody knew what species of weed it was or how to kill it. We tried everything. Nothing would kill it… We named it Rasputin!

When I visited the area nurseries to ask about ornamental root feeding and I told them I lived in Keystone… they laughed! They had a nickname for my neighborhood’s soil that I can’t repeat.

The local nurseries had nicknames for each neighborhood…the soil in Porter County is that bad!

I spent 10 years trying everything from Scott’s lawn care to a national franchise lawn service. You know, the guys that stuff flyers in your door, and then make you feel like you’re an idiot if you don’t hire them.  Just try reaching them if you’re not happy.  Ugghhhh!

I tried everything. As a DIY lawn guy, I wanted someone that could help me where I needed it, and also offer advice with such things as the best lawnmower settings and how much to water during droughts.

I didn’t need someone to sell me expensive lawn soil testing. I needed someone with proven experience growing green grass in Northwest Indiana.

Watering and applying new grass seen is part of Perma-Greens lawn care services. New Grass Seed | Crow 

Meet Steve Daly and the Perma-Green home lawn care experts.

I first met Steve Daly through an old college buddy. Daly owns Perma-Green and a big Valpo guy. I often ran into him at restaurants, family outings, and local events. Daly always had great tips for getting a great lawn. This man has a passion for his business and very proud that his family works for him.

The Daly family has its roots firmly established in Northwest Indiana, in fact, Daly’s family goes back to the 1880’s- when Valpo was establishing its own roots.

According to Daly, “having deep roots in Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana has been the cornerstone to how we do business. When you’re doing business with neighbors, you look at lawn solutions as a partnership. Accountability is something you give and expect back”.

“Even with industry-leading equipment, fertilizers, and lawn care programs, we can’t create a great lawn without working as a team with the homeowner”.


Even the best lawn solutions won’t work without this secret ingredient.

According to Daly, Perma-Green’s services alone won’t create a healthy lawn.  The secret is knowing how much to watering and the right lawnmower settings. “Our fertilizers and weed control are the best in the industry, but it’s a team concept, so we help coach our customers on such things as when to water and how much”.

“We try to support our customers with lawn tips and seasonal recommendations. A common question is what height should I cut my grass. We think we add great value to our services by helping people with such advice”.

Perma-Green will offer you the best solutions with the confidence that comes with experience and professional training.

What makes Perma-Green different? Hiring the right people to do the right thing!

As a community guy, I like to hire people from Northwest Indiana. I often see people from Perma-Green around town.

Most staff at Perma-Green are lifetime residents in the region and are seasoned experts in finding solutions. According to Steve Daly, “we want career people that live in the communities we serve. In the lawn care business, experience and accountability is everything”.

The best lawn solutions come with experience…and you’ll find it’s tough to find a lawn care service with more expertise or experience than PERMA-GREEN.

Lawn Care vs. DIY: Which is best for Northwest Indiana?

Everything is better with a team concept. Perma-Green has the expertise to handle the challenges of difficult soil composition-and often can do it for less than doing it yourself.  But with the significant role of regular watering and cutting when needed, the best solution is looking at Perma-Green as a member of your lawn team…with you as the captain.

My recommendation? Give Steve Daly a call. He’ll help you find the right plan for your budget and needs.

Perma-Green Lawn Solutions. From start to finish

According to Daly, helping people with solutions is part of the Perma-Green culture.  I’ve come to learn that nothing beats having someone that comes out, handles the fertilizing, weed control and aeration… and coaches me with great solutions when and where I need it. Working as a team will give you your best lawn ever!

I just wish Steve could have been there to meet a weed named Rasputin!


Jim Jano

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