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permagreen lawn care was established in 1974 in Valpo- today the original permagreen operates as Perma-green, but also uses permagreen spreaders- scene
Surviving 50 years as Northwest Indiana’s original lawn care company is a reason to celebrate! It all began in 1974 when Perma-Green started helping folks in Valparaiso with lawn care services. Over the next decade, turf science and equipment technology evolved. You could say Perma-Green grew up in the lawn care industry. As a lawn…
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Northwest Indiana Guide to watering grass helps homeowners with drought solutions
Summer is once again off to a dry start and NWI is already experiencing drought conditions. Just as your lawn comes out of dormancy and begins to recover, nature throws your grass a curveball with near-drought conditions. The only real solution for a healthy lawn is to replenish the nutrients (fertilizer) and water correctly. In…
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Perma-Green helps lawn care customers predict the best time to control pests and apply lawn treatments with GGD Tracker
Due to the mild winter and early spring, Northwest Indiana homeowners are being advised to start spring lawn care immediately.  GDDTracker, an online turfgrass management tool, is alerting certified lawn care companies to start spring treatments immediately. According to Steve Daly of Perma-Green, the GDDTracker helps forward-thinking lawn experts predict pest outbreaks and application timing.…
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