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Meeting Chesterton Lawn Fertilizer Challenges

Perma-Green has been helping folks meet the Chesterton lawn fertilizer challenges since we started in 1974. Chesterton and the small communities in Porter County have diverse soil types that can be both ideal and challenging to grow healthy, green lawns. The best lawn care solutions come with experience. This page is dedicated to giving Chesterton homeowners advice that includes real-time rain forecasts, fertilizer and water tips, and more!

With the soil diversity and other lawn challenges, having a great lawn brought out the competitiveness among neighbors. Just ask anyone in the region, Chesterton loves competition. It’s why they excel in sports, academics, and quality of life.

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Steve Daly of Perma-Green gives lawn tips to NWI homeowners about fertilizer, watering and more

Steve Daly's Tips

Fall Lawn Fertilizer | NWI's MVP

With NWI’s brutal winters and hot summers, Fall Lawn Fertilizer is critical to a healthy, green lawn. It restores the lost nutrients from the previous season, but most importantly, stores vital nutrients to your lawn’s root system so that when the snow thaws, your lawn gets a healthy start. Read More…
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Chesterton soil composition isa challenge and why Perma-Green's the choice for Chesterton Lawn Care services.

Chesterton Soil Composition

Dominant Soil Parent Materials: Wisconsin Outwash

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Predicting pest outbreaks by calendar date is unpredictable and unreliable from year to year. Growing degree-days accumulate heat units to accurately predict biological phenomena even when the weather is fickle. GDDTracker is an online tool created for turfgrass managers in the Great Lakes Region; helping them predict pest outbreaks and application timing for their location.





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Chesterton's competitive nature makes it important to have the best lawn fertilizer company

It’s the competitiveness to have the best lawn in the neighborhood that helped Perma-Green to grow. According to Perma-Green’s Steve Daly, “businesses go where they are needed, and grow where they are wanted and survive where they are appreciated.”

Maybe that’s why after nearly 50 years, Perma-Green Lawn Care is still considered Chesterton’s best lawn fertilizer company with the right services and the right lawn plans.

Fall Lawn Care tips can help create a great lawn next year....According to Daly, more than ever, people need to get back to spending time with family and friends. A thick, healthy lawn is the perfect venue for family get-togethers!
Perma-Green has had Lawn Care roots in Chesterton since we started in 1974. Chesterton and the small communities in Porter County we're ideal for Perma-Green Lawn Care to grow. People in Chesterton have unique soil challenges, and the best solution comes with experience. Today, you’ll learn why Perma-Green is the choice for Chesterton Lawn Care Service.
the key

Chesterton Grass Fertilizer and Watering Tips

The key to being called Chesterton’s best lawn service is this…

Chesterton neighborhoods are known throughout Northwest Indiana for their plush, green lawns. Why not? They have Northwest Indiana’s most established Lawn Care as a secret weapon.

When you prioritize your lawn, you also prioritize your lawn care service. Just ask anyone with a perfect lawn, the key to a great lawn care company is having the right training and the right experience. With nearly half a century of providing lawn fertilization, aerate lawn service, and lawn care solutions, Perma-Green gets to the root of lawn problems… with no pun intended. Residents and businesses in Duneland (Chesterton, Porter, and Burns Harbor) want more and expect more… and they’ve learned they can count on Perma-Green to go the distance.

Why? More than just experience and certified training, Perma-Green fits well into Chesterton’s wholesome culture. The locally owned lawn treatment company is a family ran business. They built their company from such values as nurturing relationships, demonstrating accountability, and the competitiveness that second best isn’t good enough!

In Chesterton, a successful Lawn Care Company needs experience and to know the past…

Knowing the soil composition and unique climate of Chesterton helped Perma-Green grow into Chesterton’s most established lawn maintenance service.  But building lifetime relationships sometimes means you also need to know how to treat people and deliver what people want.  While Perma-Green might be Chesterton’s oldest Lawn Care Service, owner Steve Daly’s family has been in Porter County since the 1880s. That might seem like a long time until you consider how long Chesterton has had inhabitants. Chesterton’s roots begin thousands of years ago.

Part of a great continental crossroads, the Chesterton area was for thousands of years home to a succession of early people attracted to the healthy, green plant life. Even the earliest members of the Great lakes Woodland Culture were attracted to the areas of natural beauty. The earliest inhabitants of the Chesterton area were Native American cultures that loved to hunt and farm the area’s densely forested land. Later came the Miami and Potawatomi Indians, who were replaced by settlers after selling their land to the U.S. government.

The community of Coffee Creek, named after a nearby stream, was settled in 1834 by the Thomas family. The town was renamed Calumet in 1850 and in 1852 was platted for the first time. In 1870 the town’s name was changed to Chesterton because of the confusion caused by another town named Calumet on the same railroad line.

 Knowing how to Fertilize Chesterton Lawns

The Chesterton area saw many people come and go because the soil left many challenges to its inhabitants. It was when early settlers learned to maintain the soil with fertilizers and the right watering solutions that tamed this remarkable landscape. With deep roots, Perma-Green is uniquely qualified to help you find the right lawn care programs for your lawn. When it comes to watering, count on Perma-Green for the best advice….. they know the history!

Northwest Indiana is a mosaic of soils thhat requires expertise and experience in lawn care
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