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DeMotte's Lawn Fertilizer Expert since the 70s!

Perma-Green has been helping people in DeMotte with lawn fertilizer plans and lawn care since the 1970s. Way back when we started, folks in Jasper County still called DeMotte the “Little Village.”

Lots of changes have occurred in DeMotte and the small towns around Northern Jasper County. While on the surface the community has changed, the people in DeMotte and the surrounding neighborhoods in Keener Township have maintained the values of family and the deep roots of an All-American town.

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Steve Daly of Perma-Green gives lawn tips to NWI homeowners about fertilizer, watering and more

Steve Daly's Tips

Spring Lawn Care Begins Early in DeMotte.

February is flying by! With temperatures forecast in the 50s for several days in the 10-day forecast and soil temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark, crabgrass preemergent applications need to start being applied soon. Look for us to start in the next couple of weeks. Read More…

PODCAST | Get Green Northwest Indiana. Lawn Care Solutions with Steve Daly

DeMottes soil offers challenges to home owners. The best solution comes with experience and expertise that Perma-Green has earned over the years..

DeMotte Soil Composition

Dominant Soil Parent Materials: Wisconsin Outwash

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The GDDTracker | NWI's Online Turf Management Tool

Lawn Care Application Timing & Pest Outbreak for NWI

Predicting pest outbreaks by calendar date is unpredictable and unreliable from year to year. Growing degree-days accumulate heat units to accurately predict biological phenomena even when the weather is fickle. GDDTracker is an online tool created for turfgrass managers in the Great Lakes Region; helping them predict pest outbreaks and application timing for their location.





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Perma-Green is the perfect fit for Northwest Indiana. While Perma-Green has grown into Northwest Indiana’s oldest and most respected Lawn Care service, its owner, Steve Daly, personally takes care of his long-time DeMotte customers.

Serving DeMotte with the right lawn fertilizer treatments & family values

Because people in DeMotte and around Keener Township have so much respect for family gatherings and their neighborhoods, people have pride in having a healthy, green lawn. They also understand the values of hard work, honesty, and accountability.

Perma-Green is the perfect fit for DeMotte. While Perma-Green has grown into Northwest Indiana’s oldest and most respected lawn care service, its owner, Steve Daly, personally takes care of his long-time DeMotte customers.

While Steve is DeMotte’s connection, it is his team that makes Perma-Green the choice of the Northern communities in Jasper County. The best solutions come with training and local market experience.

Proven expertise in fertilizing lawns in Jasper County

With DeMottes soil challenges come the sense of pride of having the greenest, healthiest lawn in the neighborhood. People in DeMotte and Keener Township take pride in having the best lawn. In DeMotte, a good lawn fertilizer referral is everything!

This is why Perma-Green has become so popular with businesses and homeowners in Jasper County. As neighborhoods expanded in Kankakee Valley, people meet the challenges of unique soils. Perma-Green has the experience, training, and expertise to help people have the right fertilizer applications to support strong root development.

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