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I give the worst gifts! I think I hold some kind of unofficial record for seeing my gifts regifted. That all changed last year at a friend’s Christmas Party when I discovered the perfect gift idea. Best of all, these gifts are not the kind that you use a few times and forget about. This gift is used year-round. It’s also a gift that everyone will love, but if you’re looking for gifts for men…. you’ll want to keep reading!


After years of seeing my gifts become the butt of jokes and regifted as gag jokes, I am pleased to say my reputation for gift-giving has flipped. I discovered the perfect gift that keeps giving year-round and will leave friends and neighbors green with envy. It also gives the gift every man wishes he had…..more free time!

While my secret gift idea is equally loved by both men and women, it is the intent of this article to help find the perfect gift ideas for men. Why? Because Google tells us that “Gifts for men” is one of the top searches at Christmas. According to Google, “gifts ideas for men” is searched 1 million times in December alone.

In this article:

  •  5 Bad Gifts for Men
  • Top 5 Best Gifts for Men
  • The Absolute Best Gift for a Men 

How I discovered the perfect gift for men


best gift for men

My story begins last Christmas after a day of agonizing Christmas shopping. I needed a drink! I didn’t need Christmas spirit. I needed Christmas spirits! Fortunately, an old college buddy of mine was having his annual Christmas party that night.

Usually, I stick to beer, but I needed more today. After a day of agonizing through a day of unsuccessful shopping, I was ready for some Christmas cheer.

Everyone was wearing ugly sweaters and sipping delicious-looking cocktails. As I worked my way to the bar to make myself something, I asked a few friends what they were drinking. A friend suggested his cocktail was this amazing concoction made by Steve Daly, the guy everyone calls Mr. Green because he owns Perma-Green, a Lawn Care Company that’s been around since the early seventies. Everyone says Daly can grow grass on concrete.  I figured I could persuade “Mr. Green” to make me this remarkable drink if I buttered him up with my knowledge of grass. With millions of hours treating my lawn and reading fertilizer labels with a magnifying glass, I figured I could impress my Mr. Green.

The perfect gift for men was revealed….and the drink was remarkable!

Steve Daly measuring up a new customer's lawn for improvements.

Perma-Green’s Steve Daly helps a new customer

I figured I would start a little small talk about my lawn before moving in for the close. My plan was working. This guy loved to talk about growing grass and knows his stuff.  I never realized how little I knew about growing grass. If I only met this guy years ago.

This guy knew his business. I think I learned more about grass while drinking a cocktail than I ever did. I was surprised by his simple approach to lawn care. Water correctly, cut correctly, and feed your root system the right nutrients every month, especially the last 2 feedings in the fall. According to Daly, the fall is the most important feeding of the year. Hmmm? I always thought you could skip the fall?

I also discovered all the money I have spent on Scott’s lawn care programs over the last 25 years was the same as if I would have hired Daly’s Perma-Green to treat my yard… and Perma-Green includes the application for the same price.

Then it hit me like a ton of lawn fertilizer. The best gift idea for men is having the best lawn in the neighborhood and more free time to enjoy it!  This was the perfect gift that anyone would love to have! That’s when I realized that the best gift someone could buy could come from a lawn care expert. So with that, I asked Steve to give me a few gift options that Perma-Green could offer.

Worst 5 Gifts for Men

OK… before we jump into our top 5 gift ideas for men, let’s take a look at 5 ideas that you should avoid at any cost. Why? Because they’ll end up becoming a gag gift… unless that’s what you want.

#5 Worst Ideas


#4 Worst Ideas

#3 Worst Ideas

#2 Worst Ideas

#1 Worst Ideas

TOP 5 Gifts for Men

#5 Gift Card for Any Amount- from $25 to $1000

This is a great gift idea for men and is also great for women! When you’re looking for a smaller budget gift or buying numerous people smaller gifts. Shopping for staff? Buy everyone a $25 Gift Certificate. It’s fast, simple, and everyone will love it. It also comes with a free lawn evaluation and estimate, which is a real bonus! Evaluations normally take time and money.

#4 Aeration

Perma-Green likes to boost the lawn with nutrients that include lots of root builders and micronutrients which gives the lawn a gorgeous green color. It also helps restore lawn health and build strong roots. Daly believes this is especially significant when you have kids or a pet.

Every lawn needs this….yet so many people struggle with having a healthy lawn without it. This gift idea for men can make a significant difference to any lawn, and your recipient will love you for it! Aeration is the secret to a good-looking lawn–breaking up dead grass & allowing water, oxygen & fertilization to get to your lawn’s roots.   Learn more: Aeration

#3 Tree & Shrub

Who wouldn’t want to see your tree and shrubs make a comeback?  Revitalizing your yard’s trees and shrubs will make a noticeable difference everyone wants. Some homeowners may not have known this was available or possibly have skimped from in the past, making it a top 5 Gifts for Men. Perma-Green’s 40 years of experience in tree & shrub services makes us uniquely qualified to know the right nutrients to bring new life… Learn more: Tree & Shrub

#2 Mosquito, Insect & Grub   

Who wouldn’t want this top gift for men? Imagine a full season without mosquitoes, insects, or grubs. This is a fan favorite for people with kids and pets. Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas can ruin your cherished time with family and friends. Perma-Green’s lawn pest control protects with the confidence that comes with certified training.  Steve Daly and Perma-Green are Certified through the Office of the Indiana State Chemist   Learn more: Mosquito, Insect & Grub

#1  Full-Season Lawn Care Programs

This is pure genius! A gift that keeps giving and will earn you praise and compliments all year long! Giving them more free time makes this our top gift for men. He’ll also love it when the neighbor is green with envy! From weed control & fertilization to a full-season lawn care plan. Perma-Green has plans for your unique soil. Read More  Lawn Care Programs

The Best Gift Idea? Why Men love this Gift!

 Fall Lawn Fertilizer & winterization is a great time to start your lawn care plan!

A good gift for a man should be something that is used year-round. A great gift should be bragged about and make others green with envy. So what gift does all this and more? The gift of a green, healthy lawn…and this gift does all the work that nobody wants to do.

Let’s face it, everyone dreams of having the best lawn in the neighborhood. It’s why we spend so much of our precious time setting up the sprinklers, mowing our lawns, and trying to know when and how to treat our lawns with lawn fertilizers, weed control, and other lawn treatments. Watering is fun! Mowing offers instant gratification, and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-cut grass? But fertilizing and weed control is something everyone can agree is not fun! Has anyone ever said, they love the smell of fresh weed killer?

On top of everything else, it’s not always safe to handle fertilizer without proper training. That’s why Uncle Sam recommends that Lawn Cares experts should be certified. So why do we spend so much time with lawn treatments? Because we can’t have a great lawn without it. The grass turns brown when it gets hot, the weeds take control of the lawn, and without it, your neighbors have a better lawn!

But I can’t read it!

You see the warnings that not using the correct amount can damage or kill your lawn

C’mon man! Does Scott really want you to read the labels? If so, why do you need to use a magnifying glass to read the instructions and warning labels? Mom always said to read the fine print!

Seriously, why do they use such small print on Lawn Treatment bags? It’s hard enough to understand what fertilizer ratios mean.

Most men will never ask for help. They also won’t be humiliated using their phone’s flashlight to read the bag at the big box store. So most men will grab what’s on the shelf and use it without knowing if it’s the best solution. Using an incorrect amount of treatment can damage or kill your lawn.

Which lawn dispenser do I have?

Which lawn dispenser do I have? 


There’s also the matter of trying to understand the right fertilizer settings on the fertilizer dispenser. There are different instructions for rotary, broadcast, drop, and spray spreaders. Finally, they have specific instructions for different models of dispensers but don’t identify their model names on their dispensers. Ughhh!!!!

As you pour the fertilizer in the dispenser, you have flashbacks of the fertilizer warning labels, “overuse will kill your lawn.” Using too much fertilizer burns your lawn. Using too can mean your grass isn’t getting the right nutrients, leaving the grass weak and unhealthy. Furthermore, other factors like precipitation, temperature and other factors need to be considered before applying.

You have no idea if you have it right, so you roll the dice, make your setting adjustment, and start dispensing. Don’t get me started when it comes to knowing where you made your last row!  After a wasted day, you wonder if you did more harm than good. Time will tell. If only someone could just take care of all of this….now that would be a great gift.

The Best Gift allows for less time working and more time with family!

The perfect lawn is a american dream and perma-green can deliver

Why do we spend so much of our free time shopping for lawn treatments, fertilizers, and weed control?

Because it’s important to us that we have a great lawn. It’s a sense of pride. It is the American Dream.

Nothing compares to the bragging rights, nor the feeling of having the greenest, healthiest lawn in the neighborhood. That’s exactly what you’ll give when you gift someone a Perma-Green Lawn Gift Certificate. A local business with area expertise and local accountability.  The best part of giving a lawn program gift certificate is it keeps giving year-round and it allows the recipient more time for family fun!

The Best Gift Ideas for Men can be a full-season plan

Which lawn dispenser do I have? 

Who wouldn’t love a gift of the best lawn in the neighborhood and more time to enjoy it?

The best gift gets better! Free Restaurant Certificate

Perma-Green also has a wide range of options for every price range. You can buy open certificates for specific services like lawn aeration, pest control, tree & shrub, and my favorite, the full-season lawn care plan. You can also choose to buy certificates for any monetary value. That way your best gift idea can be used in any way.

As an added bonus, Perma-Green includes a free $25 Dinner for 2 Gift Certificate with any paid full-season lawn care plan. You can keep the Don Quijote Certificate for yourself, give it with your Perma-Green Gift certificate. Perma-Green also offers free coaching for when and how to mow the lawn, when to cut, and other free resources for full-season customers.  NWI’s oldest lawn care company also has articles on how to water and even has community pages specific to each town. Here is the Chesterton Page.  

With gift ideas from $50 to $1000, you’ll find the best Christmas Gift at Perma-Green’s website. Perma-Green also includes FREE lawn evaluations with all Gift certificates and also a Dinner for 2 Certificate at Restaurante Don Quijote with any Full-Season Lawn Plan.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a man or anyone that loves a healthy, green lawn, consider a lawn care certificate. For Northwest Indiana residents, try Parma-Green.  Here is a link. Perma-Green. 

The Best Gift is spending more time with family!

Steve Daly and his daughters

Daly’s Family | Cydney (Lawn Technician), Steve (Owner/Estimator), and Cassie (Inside Support/Office Mgr)

Written by Jim Jano Janesheski




So here is my gift for anyone that searches, “Gifts for Men”.  The best gift that will make the neighbor green with envy! Best of all, shopping is fast, easy, and you can shop when you want, where you want and the way you want. Just click the Perma-Green link and start shopping.

Written by Jim Jano Janesheski




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