Good Christmas Gifts | Why a perfect lawn makes a great last minute gift

The perfect lawn is a american dream and perma-green can deliver

Who doesn’t hate last-minute Christmas shopping? With Christmas just a week away, time is running out fast! If you’re looking for Good Christmas Gift fast that anyone would love, consider the gift of a perfect lawn. Today, you’ll discover why a lawn treatment certificate is a gift that will leave the neighbors green with envy and year long! And thanks to Perma-Green, shopping is fast, easy, and a link away!

Every year, I find myself searching for last-minute gifts. It’s like a scene repeated continuously in the film, Groundhog Day.

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Every year I vow it will never happen again, and every year, I wake up to the same bad dream. That all changed last year when I discovered the secret to giving Good Christmas Gifts. It happened at a Christmas Party when I needed some Christmas cheer after a day of last-minute shopping. Through the spirit of Christmas and the spirits of a Christmas Party, I discovered the best Christmas Gifts didn’t require hours of shopping, waiting in lines, or buying online from parts online. I discovered the perfect last-minute Christmas was the gift of a perfect lawn. Christmas was saved!

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The Best Gift Idea? The best lawn in the neighborhood & time to enjoy it!

 Fall Lawn Fertilizer & winterization is a great time to start your lawn care plan!

A good Christmas gift should be something that is used year-round. A great gift should be bragged about and make others green with envy. So what gift does all this and more? The gift of a green, healthy lawn…and this gift does all the work that nobody wants to do.

Let’s face it, everyone dreams of having the best lawn in the neighborhood. It’s why we spend so much of our precious time setting up the sprinklers, mowing our lawns, and trying to know when and how to treat our lawns with lawn fertilizers, weed control, and other lawn treatments. Watering is fun! Mowing offers instant gratification, and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-cut grass? But fertilizing and weed control is something everyone can agree is not fun! Has anyone ever said, they love the smell of fresh weed killer?

On top of everything else, it’s not always safe handling fertilizer without proper training. That’s why Uncle Sam recommends that Lawn Cares experts should be certified. So why do we spend so much time with lawn treatments? Because we can’t have a great lawn without it. The grass turns brown when it gets hot, the weeds take control of the lawn, and without it, our neighbors have a better lawn!

But I can’t read it!

You see the warnings that not using the correct amount can damage or kill your lawn

C’mon man! Does Scott really want you to read the labels? If so, why do you need to use a magnifying glass to read the instructions and warning labels? Mom always said to read the fine print!

Seriously, why do they use such small print on Lawn Treatment bags? It’s hard enough to understand what fertilizer ratios mean. Then they humiliate you by making you use your phone’s flashlight to read the bag at the big box store. As you shamelessly read the bag of treatment, you read, Using an incorrect amount of treatment can damage or kill your lawn.


Which lawn dispenser do I have?

Which lawn dispenser do I have? 


Further on, there’s the matter of trying to understand the right fertilizer settings on the fertilizer dispenser. There are different instructions for rotary, broadcast, drop, and spray spreaders. Finally, they have specific instructions for different models of dispensers but don’t identify their model names on their dispensers. Ughhh!!!!

As you pour the fertilizer in the dispenser, you have flashbacks of the fertilizers warning labels, “overuse will kill your lawn.”

You have no idea if you have it right, so you roll the dice, make your setting adjustment, and start dispensing. Don’t get me started when it comes to knowing where you made your last row!  After a wasted day, you wonder if you did more harm than good. Time will tell. If only someone could just take care of all of this….now that would be a great gift.

The Best Christmas Gifts

The perfect lawn is a american dream and perma-green can deliver

Why do we spend so much of our free time shopping for lawn treatments, fertilizers, and weed control?

Because it’s important to us that we have a great lawn. It’s a sense of pride. It is the American Dream.

Nothing compares to the bragging rights, nor the feeling of having the greenest, healthiest lawn in the neighborhood. That’s exactly what you’ll give when you gift someone a Perma-green Lawn Gift Certificate. Thee guys make it green and best of all, you’re giving the gift of time. Think about the free time that comes with your gift.

Good Christmas Gifts | The Best ideas for last-minute shoppers

Which lawn dispenser do I have? 

Who wouldn’t love a gift of the best lawn in the neighborhood and more time to enjoy it?

With gift idea’s from $50 to $1000, you’ll find the best Christmas Gift at Perma-Green’s website. Perma-Green also includes FREE lawn evaluations with all Gift certificates and also a Dinner for 2 Certificate at Restaurante Don Quijote with any Full-Season Lawn Plan.

With Christmas just a week away, time is running out fast! If you’re looking for Good Christmas Gift fast that anyone would love, consider the gift of a perfect lawn. Just contact Steve Daly or his daughters, Cassie Noel &  Cydney Daly for a fast and friendly last-minute shopping experience. Your best gift idea might be a link away! Perma-Green. 

I want to thank Steve Daly for sharing his perfect gift idea last Christmas and sponsoring these blogs every month. I had fun!

On behalf of the Daly’s and the entire Perma-Green family,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Steve Daly and his daughters

Steve, Cydney, and Cassie

Christmas wishes from Steve Daly and his Perma-Green Family.

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Written by Jim Jano Janesheski




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