Grass Growth Regulators | Mow Less in 2024 & Celebrate More!

 Wouldn’t you celebrate if you could water and mow less, and still have a healthier lawn in 2024?  Well then, let’s get this party started because Perma-Green is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by offering their full-season lawn care customers Grass Growth Regulators in 2024 at no additional cost. Grass Growth Regulators is a treatment used by professional golf courses, ballparks, and stadiums that gives these venues that gorgeous appearance.

But it’s not just that dark, green turf that this advancement creates, this treatment also requires less maintenance.

The list of benefits to a homeowner is enough to celebrate. In this article, you’ll discover the twelve benefits of Grass Growth Regulators!

Why Free? Because Northwest Indiana’s Longest Running Lawn Care Turns 50
Perma-Green celebrates its 50th anniversay with a new treatment that saves customers time and money!


According to Perma-Green’s President, Steve Daly, “we wanted to show our appreciation to our customers in 2024 by including Grass Growth Regulators with our full-season lawn customers’ annual services. We can’t think of a better way to show our appreciation than to help them have a healthier, greener lawn while saving them time and money.”

As a lifelong NWI resident with a family that came to Valpo in the 1880s, Daly is passionate about his community and wanted to do something special for the company’s 50th Anniversary!

 According to Daly, “We have customers that have been with us from the beginning, We love Northwest Indiana and can’t think of a better way to show our appreciation to our customers than to give them a better lawn and more free time to enjoy it.”


Forward-Thinking Technology from NWI’s Oldest Lawn Service

Lawn Growth Regulators mean less mowing

It might seem ironic that Northwest Indiana’s oldest lawn care would celebrate its golden anniversary by offering a forward-thinking lawn application.  But it actually shouldn’t surprise anyone. Perma-green isn’t just NWI’s oldest lawn care service, it’s also the fastest growing.

Perma-Green’s culture doesn’t allow the grass to grow under their feet! Their technicians are trained and certified, the Perma-green spreaders and aerators optimize efficiency through the industry’s best equipment, and the products used meet and exceed the highest standards of the Office of Indiana State Chemist and Turfgrass Science of Purdue University, Department of Horticulture.

Perma-Green has built its culture around delivering on expectations through working smart and efficiently. The lawn care company uses the best-of-the-best equipment to improve efficiency that helps keep their customer’s costs down, and now they are using treatments to help save their customers money. But Daly also likes to point out that the Grass Growth Regulators, also called Lawn Growth Regulators and Plant Growth Regulators, allow the homeowner to spend less time mowing and watering and more time to enjoy their family.

What are Grass Growth Regulators & How Do They Work?

Perma-Green’s Steve Daly introduces Plant Growth Regulators to NWI Homeowners. Celebrate!

According to Daly, a Grass Growth Regulator is a chemical you apply to your yard to slow down the growth.  When the vertical growth is stunted, lateral growth is stimulated, creating a healthy, super-thick lawn that is more weed-resistant.

As you slow down the growth, it provides your lawn with numerous benefits.  While mowing less, and saving money are significant benefits to the Grass Growth Regulators, Daly believes his first responsibility to his customers is establishing a lawn that exceeds the customer’s expectations and that is environmentally responsible.

Lawn Growth Regulators support safe thicker turf, deeper green, and less prone to weed and disease issues. Not only are Plant Growth Regulators safe for the planet, but you also mow less, which means less emissions. You are also watering less and much less dependent on chemicals to treat weeds.

12 Reasons to Celebrate Lawn Growth Regulators!
Steve daly's Podcast- Get green Northwest Indiana, helps NWI discover lawn care solutions.

Steve Daly breaks down 12 reasons why Lawn Growth Regulators are smart! You can also discover Steve’s passion for these plant growth regulators in his podcast called, Get Green Northwest Indiana | Lawn Care Solutions with Steve Daly.

In each podcast, you’ll learn the secret tips for growing healthy, green grass & best-practice solutions for watering, weed and feed, aeration, and mowing.

To subscribe to this podcast, visit the link below and find your podcast channel. This podcast can be found on every channel, but if you’re not familiar with podcasting, Daly has a podcast page on his website. Just visit the page, scroll through the library of episodes, and hit play!

Get Green Northwest Indiana. Lawn Care Solutions with Steve Daly.   


12. Less  Mowing
mow less in 2024 with PGR

The Lawn Growth Regulator application, also known as a grass growth regulator, allows the homeowner to mow less while still letting the grass grow to the recommended height. According to Perma-Green setting your lawn mower to maximum height is essential to having a healthy lawn. The ability to mow less will optimize your mowing efforts.

If that’s not reason enough, there’s more. Most people don’t cut their lawns nearly enough. Mowing every 3-4 days might seem excessive till you know the benefit. It makes it easier to mow. It makes a denser turf, which helps defend weeds.

Mowing often is like pruning, making grass wider and thicker. Using lawn growth regulators allows you all the benefits of mowing frequently without actually mowing as frequently.

For more on lawn maintenance, Daly recommends you check out Perma-Green’s Lawn Maintenance Guides, and  Blogs.

11. Makes Grass Dark Green (Envy of the Neighborhood)
greener grass

Grass Growth Regulators help create that deep, dark green that everyone loves about golf courses, baseball parks, and football fields. It’s not just greener, its healthier!

10. More Uniform Appearance with Lawn Growth Regulators
Perma-Green's Steve Daly recommend cutting around 3 inches in the fall

According to Daly,  Lawn Growth Regulators inhibit the growth of grass by affecting cell elongation. As a result, grass remains shorter and more compact. This is particularly useful for reducing the frequency of mowing and maintaining a more uniform appearance.

Growth regulators contribute to a more uniform growth pattern across the turf. This can be particularly beneficial for sports fields, golf courses, and other areas where consistent and even turf height is desired.

9. Fewer Weeds with Grass Growth Regulators

lawn Growth regulators means less weeds

A Family Affair! The Daly’s have been a part of the Valpo landscape since the 1880s.

When you slow down your yard growth, you are storing the plant’s energy in the roots. When your grass doesn’t use the energy, it stores it!

All that energy is in your lawn’s root system, waiting to fight diseases, fungi, heat stress, and pet urine. Simply put,  grass growth regulators (often abbreviated as PGR Grass) will make your lawn healthier!

8. Thicker Lawns | Grass Growth Regulator

Growth regulators can promote lateral (horizontal) growth and tillering, leading to thicker lawns. A denser turf not only looks better, it helps to suppress weed growth by offering less space for weeds to grow.

7. More Fungus & Disease Resistant

More Fungus & Disease Resistant ccome from lawn treatments from Perma-Green

Last year, Northwest Indiana was hit hard by lawn fungus. Lawns with lawn fungus have the appearance of drought but can be considerably more difficult to treat. The best solution is a proactive approach that prevents fungus and disease from occurring in the first place.

6. Helps Reduce Heat Stress
PGR's Helps Reduce Heat Stress

Stress Resistance: Certain growth regulators can help grass plants better withstand environmental stress, such as heat, cold, and disease. This can contribute to overall turf health and vitality.

 5. More Drought Tolerant
Lawn Growth Regulaots reduce drought issues when grass stores energy instead of growing

Growth regulators can enhance the grass’s ability to withstand drought stress by promoting root development. Deeper and more extensive root systems allow the grass to access water from deeper soil layers, making it more resilient during periods of water scarcity.

4.  Lawn Growth Prohibitors Reduces Thatch Buildup

By promoting lateral growth and discouraging excessive vertical growth, grass growth regulators can contribute to the prevention of thatch buildup. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and other organic matter that accumulates on the soil surface, and excessive thatch can impede water and nutrient absorption by the grassroots.

3. More Tolerant to Kids Playing & Foot Traffic
grass Growth Regulators allow for more traffic from kids, show playing in photo.

Because Lawn Growth Regulators allow your lawn to grow thicker and denser, it is more tolerant to kids playing, foot traffic, and other stress.

2. Cost Savings and Lawn Growth Regulators

PGR applied by Perma-Green tech Cydney Daly

Less frequent mowing means reduced fuel costs, lower equipment maintenance, and potentially lower labor costs. This can be especially relevant for large turf areas, such as sports fields and golf courses.

1. Free Lawn Growth Regulators | 5oth Anniversary Celebration
time to celebrate- Perma-Green's 50th Celebration is on!

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate spending less time mowing their lawn while having greener grass that is also more capable of surviving Northwest Indiana’s heat, drought, pests, and disease?

Let the celebration begin because this year, Perma-Green Lawn Care is turning 50 and they are celebrating by offering their lawn care customers Free lawn growth regulator treatments with any full-season lawn care plan on 2024 Grass Growth Regulators.

Congrats, Perma-Green! Here is to another 50 years of growing in Northwest Indiana! Cheers.

Written by Jim Jano Janesheski

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