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A look at how to control grubs without paying extra for it

The secret to having a great lawn in Northwest Indiana is simple! Treat your property with a full-season lawn care plan, water correctly, and control grub worms. The first part is easy, especially if you hire a local lawn care company that is familiar with your soil composition. The better ones will even coach you by telling you when to water and how much. But the problem facing homeowners with even the healthiest of lawns are grubs and other pests.

The best lawns come with a full-season lawn care plan and grub control. Perma-Green is an expert at helping people get results in NWI

Lawn grubs aren’t the only pests lurking around, waiting for the unsuspecting homeowner. Last year’s armyworm invasion devastated the lawns of unsuspecting homeowners throughout NWI. Reacting with best-practice solutions, Perma-Green, NWI’s oldest lawn care, switched its grub control treatment to Acelepryn, the industry’s best grub, and pest control.  This premium grub control is safe, slow-releasing, and effective against every type of white grub as well as other turf-damaging pests including armyworm, black cutworms, sod webworms, weevil, and billbugs. The grub worm might be the most pervasive pest in Lake County and Porter County, but your lawn needs to be protected from all pests, especially the ones capable of infesting and destroying a lawn within days. Traditional grub control offers little protection against other pests and isn’t nearly as safe for your family or the environment.

But if that isn’t enough, many lawn care companies will suggest you get a free grub control application with your full-season programs. We did the math and found these companies actually buried this cost into a full-season plan. There was no discount or free application at all. Go figure!

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The 3 Biggest Secrets to Lawn Care

armyworms can devistate your lawn in 24 hours

The armyworm invasion devastated lawns in NWI

As someone new to professional lawn care services last summer, I quickly learned why so many lawns in Northwest Indiana don’t recover after August and September. I always assumed it was from the intense heat of late summer and the damage caused by grubs.

I soon learned that the secret to having a great lawn past late summer was both easy and affordable. The first two solutions made sense. The first was to water correctly. Late summer in NWI can mean your lawn is only getting 1/3 of its required rainfall. Perma-Green’s website offers a Fertilizer & Watering Guide with a real-time rain forecast.

winterizer is a secret to spings best lawn and hitting the ground

The second solution is using the right pest control. I always used over-the-counter lawn grub control. Most products are only effective against grubs. Last summer’s armyworm invasion is an example of pests that are not controlled by traditional grub control. These lawn pests devastated thousands of lawns in Northwest Indiana. Nobody could have predicted the emergence of these pests, but the damage was real. Even the most diligent use of standard grub control (Imidacloprid or merit) would have been ineffective in stopping the invasion. Using Acelepryn in lawns will prevent armyworm infestation while also offering homeowners a safe alternative to their families, pets, and the local ecology.

But it was the third solution offered to me that was a game changer! My Perma-Green Technician told me the best lawns are the ones that are fed vital nutrients after the dog days of summer. According to Perma-Green’s Steve Daly, “the intense heat, lack of rainfall and pests, not to mention foot traffic, can leave your lawn depleted of the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy. This is why fall fertilizers are often called the MVP of a full-season weed & feed program. These fall treatments store vital nutrients, support recovery from damage caused by grubs and pests, and feed your lawn’s root system. This allows your lawn to hit the ground running in the spring,” Here is a great article called, Why Fall Fertilizers are the Secret to Next Year’s Best Lawn Ever. 

Is there a lie buried in your  Lawn Care Plan? Secrets to Grub Control

deceptive advertising can be hidden in a lawn care contract that can haunt you.

Perma-Green uses a premium grub control called Acelepryn. It lasts a full season, is non-toxic & prevents lawn damaging armyworms

When it comes to controlling grubs and pests, the benefit of a Lawn Care Company using Acelepryn instead of Imidacloprid is significant. According to Daly, “Perma-Green is willing to sacrifice higher profits compared to traditional grub control because it’s both responsible and more effective.  It also controls pests like armyworms. Nobody could have expected the emergence of these bugs last summer and the damage they did to so many lawns and farms. If the armyworm returns this year, my customers will be ready!”

Fall Lawn Care tips can help create a great lawn next year....According to Daly, more than ever, people need to get back to spending time with family and friends. A thick, healthy lawn is the perfect venue for family get-togethers!

Perma-Green uses family-safe grub control.

Acelepryn is also considered very safe for our customers’ families and pets. Unlike most grub worm control, it has a low environmental impact and is non-toxic to people and animals, which means it can have wall-to-wall coverage without re-entry restrictions.  That’s great news for all the Northwest Indiana schools, sports grounds, and parks being treated by Perma-Green! The premium grub and pest control also have slow-release residual values lasting around six months. By using a treatment that is effective against numerous pests, the homeowner minimizes the need for multiple treatments. It also offers flexibility that allows Perma-Green technicians to apply it when the timing is right. Timing is key to success in the lawn care business.

Daly believes the bottom-line reason for using Acelepryn instead of cheaper grub control like imidacloprid is the final outcome. He states, “Our customers have been with us and will continue to do so because we don’t take shortcuts or mislead customers. Companies that mislead customers into full-season plans by suggesting that they include grub control at no cost will be held accountable when the customer realizes they actually paid for the application without knowing it.” Daly itemizes his applications for transparency.

protect your family from grubs

What is a Grub

A grub is described at a c shaped larvae with 3 legs coming from its head.

A grub is the disgusting, “C-shaped” larva of an insect, such as a beetle, that feeds on your lawn’s root system.  The presence of white grubs can cause sections of grass to die. White grubs are usually found within the top couple of inches of soil and the root zone of the grass. They have a white creamy body with a brown head and they have three pairs of legs on the thorax. Modified

How to know if Your Lawn has Grubs?

the only way to know if you have grubs is to dig and inspect

Watch out for patches of grass turning brown and dying. Furthermore, you should take note when you notice a considerable amount of birds feasting on your lawn. While this may suggest the presence of grubs, it can also be caused by other factors. The only way to be sure that you have grubs is to scout for them on your lawn with a shovel. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the sod pulls up without resistance.

  1. Check to see if brown areas are pulling up. If so, go to the transition area where green grass meets the brown grass and pull back the turf. Search for grubs at the root area.
  2. Using a shovel, dig a one-foot section of your lawn where you suspect grub activity.
  3. Peel up a one-square-foot section of grass and soil from that cut. If there is grub damage, the grass will peel up without resistance.
  4. Sift around in the soil and count the grubs you find. If you count 6 or more grubs per square foot, your lawn has a severe infestation.

Without physically digging up soil samples and inspecting for grubs, symptoms can be attributed to other issues.

Can I Identify Grubs Just by Looking at My Lawn?

grubs can be hard to detect without digging

With the abundance of lawn pests in Northwest Indiana and the potential damage that they can inflict on established lawns, it is common for homeowners to overreact at the sight of brown or dying grass. Quite often, people will overreact to other issues such as disease, drought stress, sod webworms, chinch bugs, shade, and snow damage.

Daly reminds us that insecticides should only be applied when necessary and be handled with consideration for the environment. Best-practice treatment comes with experience and certification.  (Daly requires his technicians to be certified by the Office of the Indiana State Chemist) The amount of insecticide used is determined by the product label. Other factors like the amount of infestation, the condition of the lawns, time of year are also considered. A well-established lawn with full-season treatments can handle applications without stressing your lawn. Quite often, lawns that are undernourished and under-watered can be susceptible to grubs and other pests.


insecticides require professional and certified handling

The best solution for controlling grubs and pests is leaving it in the hands of a professional lawn care expert who has a certification, license, and insurance. Don’t buy on price alone. Ask what they use and what they do. Many lawn care companies will bury services and promises into the lawn program contracts.

Last year was my first year working with professional lawn care and I couldn’t have been more impressed. While my lawn never looked better, I paid the same as buying/doing it myself! But when you factor in that my lawn survived the invasion of armyworms, I saved more than just money: I saved my lawn!

Secret Revealed! Grubs & Pest Control

perma-Green inspects for grubs

Every year, thousands of beautiful lawns in Northwest Indiana are decimated by grubs and lawn pests. The best solution for grub control comes through using professional-grade Acelepryn Insecticide, which can be very expensive. So what’s my secret to controlling grubs? I bought it as part of a full-season lawn program!

My grub control wasn’t diluted down and it controlled everything from grubs to armyworms. These days, everyone wants a deal. But remember, you get what you pay for and nothing in life is free. I paid about the same for Perma-Green’s weed & feed with grub control as I did the other companies. But just look at the wholesale costs listed below and you’ll discover acelepryn costs nearly three times as much as traditional grub control! Yet I paid the same for my annual full-season plan. Where I come from, we call that value!

I went with Perma-Green because they made my lawn look better than ever for less than doing it myself. Now, I’m staying with them because my lawn gets better every day…and I like their values!

By Jim Jano Janesheski

Product Name: Acelepryn G           

Active Ingredient: Chlorantraniliprole 0.2%
Type: Granular
Size: 25 lbs
Application Rate: 2lbs / 1000 sq ft
Bag Covers: 12,500
Cost: $129.27
Cost per 1,000 sq ft: $10.34

Product Name: Merit Insecticide Granules

Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid – 0.5%
Type: Granular
Bag size: 30 lbs
Application Rate: 1.5 lbs / 1000
Bag Covers: 20,000 sq ft
Cost: $59.99
Cost per 1,000 sq ft: $2.99


call perma-green for grub control


NOTICE: Perma-Green’s staff is certified with the OISC (Office of Indiana State Chemist) to work with fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, ensuring the safety of your family and pets, truth in labeling, and the protection of our environment. Grub Control is included with full-season, 6-step programs with paid annual contracts. Perma-Green also offers Pest Control and Grub Control at additional cost for single & four-app customers See Perma-Green for details. is offered by Perma-Green as ala carte services

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