Huge invasion of Armyworms Destroying Lawns in NWI | “Do this before it’s too late”

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Huge invasion of Armyworms Destroying Lawns in NWI | “Do this before it’s too late”

Steve Daly of Perma-Green is asking everyone in Northwest Indiana to be diligent and test their lawns for armyworms before it’s too late. According to Daly, “Armyworms are capable of destroying a lawn the size of a football field in just a few days”.  They are invading Northwest Indiana at an alarming rate. Daly recommends testing your lawn by pouring a bucket of water on your lawn with a tablespoon of dish soap. If you see any armyworms, contact us immediately before your lawn is wiped out!

Armyworms are capable of wiping out NWI lawns in just 24 Hours

armyworms can devistate your lawn in 24 hours

Monday morning, Perma-Green began receiving calls from customers from around Northwest Indiana complaining that their yards were turning brown. Daly generally associates such symptoms as watering issues when a lawn has a full-season lawn program. But upon visiting different customers from around Northwest Indiana, including Portage, Chesterton and Valparaiso, Daly quickly identified the lawns as a much bigger issue. These lawns were being invaded by fall armyworms.

Daly immediately contacted his lawn care technicians, service team, and inside support team. He ordered everyone to stop what they were doing and shift gears immediately. Timing would be critical. Northwest Indiana is being invaded by a pest capable of wiping out his customer’s lawns and even entire neighborhoods.

how to identify armyworms

Daly immediately changed his service tanks over from Fall Fertilizers to Insecticides. He sent his technicians to any available agricultural supplier to purchase all available insecticides.  He reached out to vendors around the midwest in anticipation that his team will need every ounce of insecticide they can get their hands on.

While armyworms are an annual pest that appears in small numbers every fall, the conditions are ideal for these pests to flourish and reproduce at alarming rates. Perma-Green treated this as a war.

The Armyworm’s invasion in Kentucky is Devastating

the fall armyworm has devastated southern states

Daly said states like Kentucky and Tennessee have seen devastating damage to lawns, crops, and pastures.

According to a spokesman at Perma-Green, the fall armyworm is an annual migratory pest that preys on lawns and crops in Porter County, Lake County, and LaPorte County every year.  As a result, Perma-Green is familiar with identifying the insect and how to control them.

Daly is taking this threat very seriously because he has never seen an invasion anything close to what was reported in Kentucky and Tennessee.

The First Sign of an Armyworm is this….

yard devastated by armyworms

Lawn devastated by armyworms

According to Daly, “the first sign of fall armyworm is damage to a yard. Look for a spot that appears to look drought-stressed. That brown area will begin to expand, or other brown spots will appear as the worms devastate the lawn. Fall armyworms will eat 24 hours a day and hide in the lower section of the grass.”

To test your lawn for armyworms, you can dump a bucket of soapy water on your lawn. This will get the worms to rise to the surface.


An Adult Fall Armyworm

“You’ll notice the caterpillars will have a noticeable  “Y” shape on the back of their head and three stripes that run down their bodies.

The Soapy Water Test can tell you if your yard has been Invaded by Armyworms


The Soapy Water Test can tell you if your yard has been Invaded by Armyworms

Fall armyworms will remain active until the first frost of the season. Daly recommends taking action immediately if the armyworm appears after a soapy water test. “These pests can wipe out years of hard work developing a healthy, strong lawn. We are gearing up for a battle. We’ve let our Perma-Green staff know to plan on plenty of long hours, including 24/7 because you can be certain, we are fighting an army that doesn’t take breaks and isn’t going away without a fight.”

Daly said the fall armyworms are too far along in their development for organic pest control methods to work. If the pest is found in large numbers, we will spray the appropriate insecticide, while maintaining environmentally safe measures.

Perma-Green’s lawn care staff is certified with the OISC (Office of Indiana State Chemist) to work with fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, ensuring the safety of your family and pets, truth in labeling, and the protection of our environment.

If your lawn is invaded and damaged, you’ll need to renovate your lawn with a full-season plan- customized to the lawn’s damage, soil type, and other factors.

What is an armyworm?

fall armyworm is threatening northwest indiana

Daly and Perma-Green are trained and certified through the Purdue University Extension for compliance and safety. Daly offers this link to Purdue University for more information about the Fall Armyworm.

How can I treat my yard and kill the armyworm?


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Written by Jim Jano Janesheski




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  1. Robert Ganz says:

    If i am a current customer, are you protecting us from the armyworms or is it a special treatment?

  2. David Trusty says:


    I would like for someone to do an analysis of my lawn and provide an estimate for an annual lawn care program.

    I have been a Nutri-Lawn / TruGreen customer for many years, but, our lawn seems to be deteriorating.

    I’m interested in a new service.

    Thank You!

  3. P-G Support Team says:

    Thanks, David. We just received this and called Steve Daly. He is on his way to your home to evaluate your lawn and will provide you with a full-year estimate. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Have a great day! Perma-Green.


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