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Lawn ServiceFrom basic weed control and fertilization to complete yard care, check out Perma-Green's lawn care plans and packages.

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Once you’ve has a chance to see what’s included in our lawn care service plans, schedule a free estimate at your home. Daly visits each property himself to make certain he can give his customers the best lawn care plan based on their budget and needs.

Why PG's lawn care plans are less money!

With the industry’s best equipment, such as the Permagreen Supreme spreader, combined with Perma-Greens volume buying power, customers often discover they can have the best lawn ever while spending less than doing it themselves. Best of all, they spend less time working on their lawns and more time enjoying it…

Perma-Green's Lawn Service Plans




Six Fertilizer Applications
Broadleef Weed Control
Preemergent Crabgrass Control

Unlimited service calls within 20 days of last appointment

Preventative Grub Control

Post Emergent Crabgrass Control

Core Aeration


Lawn Service | Accurate Prices with Free Estimates

It shouldn’t surprise you that a top internet search is, lawn care prices and cost of lawn care plans.

Perhaps people are actually searching, will a lawn package fix brown grass? Does it include fertilizing or can I also get a full-season package? How about lawn aeration or pest control?

The answer is not a simple one. It depends.  According to Perma-Green’s Steve Daly, we like to start every relationship with a FREE ESTIMATE to the homeowner to assure we are taking the best approach and that our Lawn care plan fits the needs of the customer.

Selecting the right lawn care program is the simple solution for most issues, but every lawn is different. While the chart below will give you an idea of packages, Perma-Green adjusts its actual lawn care plan based on what is needed to achieve success. The best solution starts with a visit to your home. Give Steve Daly a call!

Perma-Green Lawn Care's Steve Daly assesses each lawn & includes a Free Estimate

"Discover why Valpo's Freshest Chef went with the Perma-Green's lawn care plan"

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