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Porter County is where Perma-Green was established and built its roots as Porter County's Lawn Care of choice.

How Long to Water Grass | Lawn Maintenance Tips

While Perma-Green (est 1974) was founded by local expertise in working with the unique and diverse soil composition in Porter County, it was Perma-Greens homegrown values of helping people with helpful advice that makes us different. This page is dedicated to helping local people with rain forecasts, and watering tips like how long to water grass.

It’s been nearly 50 years since Perma-Green first started helping folks around Porter County. Porter County is diverse and the secret to a healthy lawn is knowing which full season plan is right for your unique soil and lawn.  Through the years, Perma-Green’s experience in treating soils with lawn fertilization and lawn plans in towns like Hebron, Kouts and DeMotte make Perma-Green uniquely qualified.

Over the years, Perma-Green has grown into Northwest Indiana’s leader in giving advice in lawnmower settings, how often to water, and how long to water grass.

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Steve Daly offers lawn care tips and coache's watering advise for full-season lawn plan customers.

Steve Daly's

Porter County Lawn Care Tips

An abnormally dry spring has us busting out the watering recommendations pretty early. 6 1/2 inches of rain since the beginning of March is down about 6 inches from the normal precipitation expected. Plants are still recovering from the absolute beating they took in 2020, so do you and your lawn a favor, and give it the drink it needs to start preparing for the long summer battle. Remember 1 good soaking every 5 days! 1 inch of water per area will do the trick!

Valparaiso soil composition

Porter County Soil Composition

Dominant Soil Parent Materials: Wisconsin Outwash

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Lawn Care is Perma-Green's home town advantage share a tradition of family values and hard work.

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Helping people with local rain forecasts, lawn tips, grass solutions (Continued)

As a family man, Daly raised his family in Porter County and now employs his children to help in all aspects of the business. His daughter Cassie runs the office while Cydney is an expert lawn technician with insights that come with growing up in Porter County’s oldest lawn care company.

While Daly loves knowing his daughters will carry-on the Perma-Green tradition of accountability and hard work, he especially loves the chance to see his daughters everyday of the year.

Family is important to people in Porter County. While the Perma-green family started lawn service back in 1974, Daly’s family roots in Porter County date back to the 1880s.

Perma-Green is the perfect fit for Northwest Indiana. While Perma-Green has grown into Northwest Indiana’s oldest and most respected Lawn Care service, its owner, Steve Daly, personally takes care of his long-time DeMotte customers.
Perma-Green's experience and tools help's keep lawns green and prices reasonanable
Lawn Care in Duneland and Chesterton require an understanding of how sand and traditional soil needs root nutrients to fit the needs of grass.

Helping people with helpful solutions since the 1880's!

The Daly family have been growing grass in Porter County since the 19th Century. Anyone that has ever tried to maintain a lawn in Porter County will tell you, the key to growing a healthy, green lawn in Northwest Indiana is knowing two significant factors.

The first factor is knowing the diversity of soil types and having the training to know how to amend the soil. The second factor is knowing the history of what works and what doesn’t.

Fortunately, the Perma-Green family is well-qualified in both. But according to Daly, the third factor in running a successful lawn care service in Porter County is knowing how to treat Porter County residents.

Perma-Green’s secret to having so many happy lawn care customers in Porter County

According to Daly, “having deep roots in Porter County and Northwest Indiana has been the cornerstone to having so many happy lawn care customers in Porter Co.

When you’re doing business with neighbors, you look at lawn solutions as a partnership. We do our best in helping people with lawn care programs, lawn treatments, and lawn fertilization, but sometimes you run into issues that require frequent visits. Some weeds in Porter County are like our citizens… tenacious.

How Long to Water Grass & Rain Forecast | Tips from Your Neighbor

Helping people with real-time rain forecasts, watering tips, and the right lawnmower settings might seem minor, but it’s the culture of helping people that makes Perma-Green different.

Perma-Green has had Lawn Care roots in Chesterton since we started in 1974. Chesterton and the small communities in Porter County we're ideal for Perma-Green Lawn Care to grow. People in Chesterton have unique soil challenges, and the best solution comes with experience. Today, you’ll learn why Perma-Green is the choice for Chesterton Lawn Care Service.
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