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When Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a stay at home order, he announced a list of “essential businesses” that should continue operations during the COVID-19 situation.  Lawn Care was on the list of essential businesses. This announcement caught Perma-Green’s Steve Daly off guard. As a family-owned business and a staff that is like a second family, Daly was concerned for the safety of his Perma-Green team and his hometown of Valparaiso. At first, Daly questioned why his business was on the Governors list, but as Daly thought about it more and more, it started to make sense. People need to continue living and do their best to stay positive. Furthermore, the concentration of COVID-19 is worse in confined spaces. Conversely, a naturally ventilated area like a lawn is less.

safety for employees while operating as essential business

Valpo’s Perma-Green makes sense of essential business status while keeping it safe.

Daly has always loved his job because of how people react to a healthy, green lawn. People become cheerful from the look and smell of a fresh lawn. With so many people home-bound, a great lawn just might be what the doctor ordered. As long as his family and staff were safe, and operating wouldn’t create safety issues in Valparaiso and around Northwest Indiana, Daly would take the recommendation of Holcomb and remain open.

Staying safe- Priority #1

Perma-Green has a culture where solutions start with research and science. Daly carefully looked into taking extra precautions prescribed by the CDC and WHO to keep its customers and employees safe.

Daly created mandatory procedures that included masks, sanitizer, and gloves. He trained his team to maintain proper distancing, and work individually to ensure the safety of his customers and staff. Perma-Green also staggered employee start times to limit contact. 

COVID-19 safty measures

Perma-Green’s employee safety tips

NOTE: While the below list offers some of the procedures practiced by Perma-Green, Daly points out that he is not a doctor and recommends people stay updated with the CDC and WHO, and seek advice from your medical doctor. The below is referenced to Perma-Greens safety measures. This list in no way is intended as a recommendation to you by Steve Daly or Perma-Green. It is intended to demonstrate Perma-Greens steps to keep employees safe.

What is COVID-19?

>The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of fat.
>The virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not destroyed but decays on its own. The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and type of material where it lies.
>The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That is why any soap or detergent is the best solution because the foam cuts the fat- which is why you have to rub your hands for at least 20 seconds or more.

Perma-Green staff recommendations and tips

>You have to wash your hands before and after touching equipment, containers, steering wheel, mucosa, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, when after the bathroom.
>You have to Moisturize dry hands from so much washing them because the molecules can hide in the micro cracks. The thicker the moisturizer, the better.
>Keep fingernails short so that the virus does not hide there.
>By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses and breaks down on its own.
HEAT melts fat; this is why it is so good to use water above 77 degrees Fahrenheit for washing hands, clothes and everything. In addition, hot water makes more foam and that makes it even more useful.
>Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES ANY FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.
>Any mix with 1 part bleach and 5 parts water directly dissolves the protein, breaks it down from the inside.

A matter of time

Warning: Never shake clothing or cloth. While it is glued to a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only.
>between 3 hours (fabric and porous),
>4 hours (copper and wood)
>24 hours (cardboard),
->42 hours (metal)
>72 hours (plastic).

Perma-Green can offer you and your lawn a free estimate while supporting social distancing and best-practice procedures that included masks, sanitizer, and gloves. Learn more: 

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