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Lawn Care Services. Your fall lawn fertilization and winter treatment will get your roots that last bit of nutrients before going dormant.

Lawn Care Programs

From weed control & fertilization to complete lawn care, Perma-Green’s products and services are specific to Northwest Indiana’s unique soil & climate.

The Perma-Green Lawn Care Program provides superior results because we combine professional-grade products from Helena and Conserv FS. The trusted products of our nation’s farmers. PG’s uses efficient equipment to minimize time while pampering our customer’s lawns. Perma-Green’s lawn care program will provide your lawn with the right fertilization to give your lawn the quality nutrients it needs to develop a more disease-resistant turf, withstand everyday environmental stresses and develop a more extensive root system. Read more

Valparaiso soil that is compacted is hard to get water to the roots


As an extension to our Turf Care Program, Core Aeration is the secret to a good-looking lawn-breaking up dead grass & allowing water, oxygen & fertilization to get to your lawn’s roots.

Aeration is one of the most important cultural practices available for your lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn. Combining aeration with overseeding helps repair and fill in turf areas to give your lawn the complete Perma-Green treatment.

Perma-Green uses Toro Aerators to assure aeration reaches the correct root zone while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Tree and shrub feeding is a popular Perma-Green Lawn Care service/

Tree & Shrub

Perma-Greens 40 years of experience in tree & shrub services makes us uniquely qualified to know the right nutrients to bring new life to your ornamental presentation.

Your trees and shrubs are a growing investment which should increase in beauty and value with each passing season. Proper feeding of your ornamentals offers many benefits, including improved flowering, increased resistance to disease, and increased ability to ward off insect attacks.

Your trees and shrubs are a growing investment which should increase in both beauty and value each passing year with proper care. Ornamental feeding benefits flowering, resistance to disease, and wards off insects.

Commercial & Residential

The area’s top landscapers can’t afford to work with anyone else- Discover why Perma-Green is the choice for brand-minded businesses and image-minded homeowners.

Our industry-leading equipment and economies of scale assure clients that our lawn care services are both remarkable and affordable.

Learn why Northwest Indiana’s smartest comptrollers and accountants have been calling Perma-Green since 1974.

Lawn Care Services include grubs can destroy a remarkable yard

Mosquito, Insect & Grub

Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas can ruin your cherished time with family and friends. Perma-Green’s lawn pest control protects your kids & pets from fire ants, fleas, grubs.

With the threat of the West Nile Virus, mosquitoes have become a source of concern for many homeowners. Especially when we have extremely heavy rains, the mosquito population can quickly increase, making outdoor summer activities less desirable. Perma-Green’s environmentally friendly products will effectively control mosquitoes all summer long.

The best lawn care services come with your family’s safety in mind. Perma-Green’s staff is certified with the OISC (Office of Indiana State Chemist) to work with fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, ensuring the safety of your family and pets, truth in labeling, and the protection of our environment.

Lawn Care services are the secret to your best lawn ever

DIY & Perma-Green

Our custom solutions were designed to fit your unique soil, grass, goals, and budget. Perma-Green has solutions for DIY lawn hobbyists.

More and more people are learning that Perma-Green’s large volume buying power and industry-leading equipment make it cheaper to hire Perma-Green than doing it themselves. Plus, Pema-Green offers expert advice for people that love to maintain their lawns themselves.

From when to water the lawn and how to adjust the lawnmower settings, Your Perma-Green technician can offer advice and solutions when wanted. If you love working on your lawn and only need help when it’s smart… you’ll love having Perma-Green’s lawn care services on your team.




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