50 Years! NWI Celebrates with Spring Lawn Fertilizer Specials 

Northwest Indiana’s longest-running lawn care turns 50 this year, but it’s homeowners around the region who are celebrating! Why? Because these aren’t just any spring lawn fertilizer specials and this isn’t just any lawn care service!

In this article, you’ll discover numerous incentives being offered to customers as a way of saying, thanks for 50 wonderful years! But don’t expect the typical incentives that promise something for nothing! The Perma-Green 50th Anniversary incentives are both real and spectacular! They save you both time and money. More importantly, you will have a healthier and greener lawn.

It’s Not a Spring Lawn Treatment Incentive without this!

Perma-Green Lawn Care President Steve Daly has always been skeptical of lawn services that resort to bogus incentives to persuade you to sign up for their packages. Unfortunately, most people find their incentive isn’t real, and that the so-called, “free application” is buried in the plan’s regular price!

According to Daly, “Many lawn services will make claims that they are providing a spring lawn treatment service, but in reality, they are offering the same product and services the homeowner would ordinarily pay. We’ve seen companies offer one Free Lawn Inspection within their programs the first year, but the visit doesn’t include a fertilizer treatment or service.   The next year, the inspection becomes a chargeable service.   Sometimes, they offer a free introductory grub control may be offered in the first season; however, in subsequent seasons, the price may double.

Other tactics include offering 50% off the first application, but when the homeowner compares their full-season cost, they learn that the amount of the discount was recovered in the annual cost.”

 Daly continues, “It’s not a spring lawn treatment incentive unless the homeowner can see savings from the regular full-season program cost. Most significantly, it’s not a good deal unless your yard is green, healthy, and you are satisfied!”

Grass Fertilizer for Spring | The Best Deals Create Value
The lawn of a NWI homeowner is viewed. To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Perma-Green's spring grass fertilizer specials would need to be both legit and create value to the homeowner.

As a locally-owned, family-run lawn care service, 50 Years is a substantial milestone. Many of Perma-Green’s lawn service customers have been with them since the beginning. The anniversary specials would need to express the love and appreciation for these loyal customers. To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Perma-Green’s spring grass fertilizer specials would need to be both legit and create value for the homeowner.

“While some of our spring incentives save the customer money, we also have specials that include applications that improve the lawn’s health and appearance. This minimizes both water and mowing time.

Some of our specials are for our full-season lawn customers, while others are for ala cart services. Below are Perma-Green’s Spring Lawn Fertilizer Specials.

Perma-Green’s Spring Lawn Fertilizer Specials
Pe4rma-Green truck arrives at a customers home. This annual incentive rewards our loyal and new customers an additional 10% discount from our best possible price

Pre-Pay Discount of 10% with Full Season Lawn Care Program
A perma-green spreader is viewed. This spring lawn care application earns a Pre-Pay Discount of 10% with Full Season Lawn Care Program

This annual incentive rewards our loyal and new customers an additional 10% discount from our best possible price. This incentive typically ends on February 1st because it allows us greater accuracy in off-season fertilizer commitments. The incentive is for our 6 Applications plus Grub Control (See Full-Season Plans)

For 2024, as part of our 50th Anniversary, we are extending new customers these special savings through May 31st.

50% OFF Winterizer Application
Fall winterizer is being applied- pre-pay earns 50 percent off

Perma-Green believes an incentive should offer real value to our customers, and you won’t find a better spring deal than saving 50% Off on our Winterizer. Winterizer is commonly called the MVP of fertilizers and the most important application you can treat your yard with.

While lawn services often put an incentive in the first application to persuade you to sign a full-season contract, we believe an incentive should motivate a homeowner to finish strong, while ensuring the roots of your lawn are well-prepared to survive Northwest Indiana’s brutal winters. Ironically, the winterizer application plays a more critical role in the spring than spring fertilizers do! For more on this, here are a few links! (NOTE: Pre-Pay Discount may not be combined with 50% Winterizer incentive)

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BLOG –    Fall Lawn Care | Experts Guide to Getting Green
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FREE Grass Growth Regulators | Mow Less in 2024 & Celebrate More

Celebrate 50 Years with Perma-Green by watering and mowing less, and still have a healthier lawn in 2024?

Perma-Green is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by offering their full-season lawn care customers Grass Growth Regulators in 2024 at no additional cost. Grass Growth Regulators are treatments used by professional golf courses, ballparks, and stadiums that give these venues that gorgeous appearance.

Here are a few links to learn more about Lawn Growth Regulators  (Also called Grass Growth Regulators or Plant Growth Regulators)

PODCAST   Grass Growth Regulators | Mow Less – Save Time & Money 
BLOG  Grass Growth Regulators | Mow Less in 2024

Any Full Season Plan  |  Don Quijote $25 Certificate*

The Local Lawn Care did more then just use his seo to raise money, he donated over $3,000

Steve Daly of Perma-Green is with Carlos Rivero of Don Quijote

When legendary chef and farmer Carlos Rivero needed someone to take over his lawn care needs, he knew he could expect Perma-Green to maintain his high standards. But Daly’s team did more than meet the Spaniard’s expectations, they surpassed them. The lawn care company was able to improve Carlos’s lawn at a price that was around the same as doing it himself.

But it gets better! With Perma-Green handling the full-season lawn care, Carlos had more time to farm, run his restaurant, and enjoy time with his grandchildren! Use your certificate with the extra time you’ll have this summer! Here is a link to Don Quijote.

Additional Spring Lawn Care Incentives


New Customer Special – Full Season Plan Pick any season plan* 25% OFF Aeration
steve daly on aeration equipment

50 Years! NWI Celebrates with Spring Lawn Fertilizer Specials

For 50 years, Perma-Green has seen Lawn Care companies with bogus fertilizer specials come and go.  Our approach has been simple. Give the homeowner value and they will always come back. We’ve always relied on giving our customers our best price upfront and creating real value by improving efficiency, hiring the best technicians, and most importantly, exceeding our customer’s expectations.

But in the year that we Celebrate our 50th Anniversary in Northwest Indiana, we wanted to say thank you for your business by offering special incentives to save you time and money!

If you’re not an existing customer, we welcome your business, today, tomorrow, and in years to come.    Here is our link.

Written by Jim Jano Janesheski

*Offers end at month-end. All incentives Upon payment in full. Not redeemable for cash- may not combine offers. Pre-payment offer is for New Customers only. Don Quijote Dinner certificate- dine-in only. Dinner for 2-Dinner menu only. Grass Growth Regulators included with Full Season Lawn Care Plans only (Pre-paid) Not Redeemable for Cash-Void where prohibited. No prior sales.




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