Getting Started on a Perma-Green Program

  Perma-Green owner Steve Daly shares a couple of his insider tips the professionals use for keeping their lawns perfect during the dog-days of summer. Perma-Green’s lawn care programs include  Phosphorous-free fertilization that are safe on the environment and lake friendly.  Perma-Green also provides customers with additional lawn care programs such as aeration, pest and mosquito control, ornamental lawn feeding, and tree and shrub care. (The original video was originally produced by Ideas in Motion and posted on

Perma-Green tips on a beautiful lawn

Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Green This Summer

The temperatures are rising and the sun is out a little longer. It’s that time again to begin watering the turf. Although we had plenty of rain early in the year, it’s now getting a little hotter and many lawns are showing signs of heat stress throughout the region. Most lawns should be watered once or twice a week for a total of 3 to 4 hours in each area (1 inch of rain) with store bought sprinklers in clay or