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Perma-Green's Valparaiso lawn care team likes to boost the lawn with nutrients that include lots of root builders and micronutrients which gives the lawn a gorgeous green color. It also helps restore lawn health and build strong roots. Daly believes this is especially significant when you have kids or a pet.

According to Steve Daly, growing great turf in Valpo is easy peasy! Huh? Valpo? The “OG” of Valparaiso Lawn Care believes growing a great lawn in Valpo is as easy as 1-2-3.  “Just add water!” he says.

People make it more difficult than necessary.  Daly exclaims, “Just follow the right full-season lawn care program, adjust your mower settings correctly, and water your lawn correctly.” That’s easy for him to say; he’s an expert! Fortunately for folks in Valparaiso, Daly now has an online page dedicated to helping folks with best practice lawn solutions.

Helping neighbors with Valpo Lawn Care Solutions… 24/7

Valpo’s homegrown crew working as a team in Aberdeen


Perma-Green has always built its brand around local expertise including when to water, mow, and optimal fertilizer plans. But with Perma-Green’s new page dedicated to helping Valpo with lawn care solutions, people now have support in between lawn applications.  One thing that has always differentiated Valparaiso’s oldest lawn service is the advice and local expertise its technicians offer clients after treatments.  While not personalized to a homeowner’s unique requirements, this page is a great resource for rain forecasts, droughts, and other helpful solutions. The Valparaiso Fertilizer & Rain Forecast Guide is also accessible 24/7—when you want, where you want, and the way you want!

grubs can be hard to detect without digging

Perma-Green’s Community Page offers useful tips. Last year’s armyworm devastated many NWI lawns.

This means you have access to real-time precipitation tools, soil information, and lawn care specials. It even includes a section deemed Valparaiso Lawn Care Tips. Perma-Green still believes the key to a customer’s success and happiness comes from the personalized coaching of the client’s technician. Yet the online page offers supplemental solutions and other helpful content.

For example, last summer’s armyworm invasion caught everyone off guard. Perma-Green’s new page is capable of helping our community know what to look for and how to find solutions. Perma-Green’s Steve Daly was inspired to help his hometown with solutions the next time we face similar issues.  The Valpo Lawn Care Page offers locals real solutions.

the secret to a great lawn in Valparaiso is knowing when to water, and now the original Valparaiso lawn care compabny has a forward-thinking guide to help people with lawn solutions.Valparaiso

While the new Valpo Page offers useful information, tips, and other helpful content, Daly believes most people will benefit from his new pages regarding precipitation and rain forecast tools. Visitors can find both the forecast and relevant solutions conveniently.

While Perma-Green is a regional lawn care company, the company was established in Valparaiso in the early 1970s. So what’s the secret to nearly 50 years of success? Simplicity. According to Daly, it’s just a matter of feeding the root system with the right full-season lawn program and knowing when to water/how much.

A good lawn care company will help identify the right treatment and coach the homeowner on proper watering techniques. The watering guide is a great supplement to their helpful culture!

Best Practice Watering Comes with a Team Approach

Valparaiso soil composition

Valparaiso’s soil composition makes watering a mystery…until now!

According to Daly, “Even the best full-season lawn care plan is ineffective without the right watering.  When we visit our full-season customers, our techs will offer helpful advice such as when to mow, how high they should set their lawnmower, and how often they should water.

 The  Valparaiso Fertilizer & Rain Forecast Guide doesn’t replace the assigned technician’s role in supporting customers at the time of visits. Yet it does offer value to the homeowner in-between visits.

It’s a Valpo Thing!   Valpo’s Cydney Daly loves her job because she gets to help families she grew up with grow healthy, green grass!

Of course, the best advice comes with experience and expertise. The Valparaiso Page is just a supplement. Every lawn is unique with its own set of challenges. Perma-Green’s technicians make their recommendations based on known factors—including what type of soil the lawn has, as well as what treatments were previously used. Every lawn in Valparaiso is unique!

The Valpo Specific Rain Forecast & Watering Tips is a Game-Changer!

 Fall Lawn Fertilizer & winterization is a great time to start your lawn care plan!

Perma-Green’s Mike Emerson. Valpo’s legendary lawn tech!

Knowing how much to water your lawn in Valparaiso is especially critical when the summer heats up and the rain/moisture dissipates.  It is not uncommon for lawns in Porter County to only get merely 1/3 of the rain needed to stay healthy. It’s up to the homeowner to make up the difference through best practice watering! The amount recommended is a moving target; sandy soils need more watering than clay soil. Every soil has unique requirements.

Fall fertilizer is specially designed to stimulate the growth of new roots

Signs of great work!



My lack of success growing grass in past summers was likely from improper watering. That all changed when I hired Perma-Green. Mike, my assigned technician, coached me on when to water and how much. He also suggested removing damaging tall grass plants and explained his strategy. I learned his approach would change as my lawn became more healthy. While I like to think I was rewarded for supporting locals, I must confess—I originally went with Perma-Green due to simple economics.

It all started with my estimate. I had never gone with a professional lawn care company because I was distrustful of the “free stuff” many lawn care companies offer to entice you. Most of the time, the free offerings were hidden in the full-year plan. Perma-Green’s estimates were different. Rather than play games, Perma-Green’s price was straightforward and transparent. Perma-Green compared their price to my price if I bought the fertilizer and applied it myself. Perma-Green was able to do it for the same price….and all I had to do was water and mow. Easy peasy!

Watering New Sod |  Valparaiso Lawn Care for Start-Ups!

Watering new sod is critical to Valpo lawn care

Perma-Green doesn’t install new sod, but they are experts at maintaining it!

According to my Perma-Green technician, a newly sodded lawn will require water 1-2 times per day. Sod should be watered so that the sod strip is wet throughout its entire thickness and the soil underneath is moist to the depth of 1 inch.  Overwatering sod is a common mistake.  Do not saturate the soil below the sod.  This will inhibit roots from growing into the soil.  As sod becomes established while roots penetrate & grow, gradually reduce the frequency of watering but wet the soil to a greater depth.  After the sod has been mowed 3-4 times, deep & infrequent watering should be practiced.  Follow watering guidelines for your soil conditions!

Watering New Grass Seed

Watering and applying new grass seen is part of Perma-Greens lawn care services. New Grass Seed | Crow 

Perma-Green recommends watering grass seed, or a newly seeded lawn 2-4 times per day—the seedbed should be moistened to a depth of 1-2 inches but not saturated. As the seed germinates and seedlings begin to grow, it is essential that the new seedlings are not allowed to dry out. Continue to water 2-4 times per day if the weather conditions are dry. When the seedlings reach 2 inches in height, gradually start to reduce the frequency of watering and water more deeply. After the new turf has been mowed 2-3 times, deep & infrequent watering should be practiced. Follow watering guidelines for your soil conditions.

The Best Valparaiso Lawn Care Tip? Finish the Season Strong!

Valparaiso Lawn Fertilization & Watering

While the Valparaiso Guide to Fertilizing and Watering is a fast and convenient resource, you will want to check out Perma-Green’s blogs for informative articles. Here is one example of how they helped me.

For years, when my lawn started turning brown from drought, I assumed it was like leaves turning brown in the fall. I simply accepted it and gradually watered my lawn less and less. I assumed it was time to call it quits for the season. To make matters worse,  I also would always skip my fall fertilizer treatment.

That all changed when I read a blog called,  Why Winterizer is the Most Important Fertilizer Ever! It was a game changer. I learned that I was doing everything wrong. By watering and mowing correctly in late summer and fall, and applying fall fertilizer and winterizer, my lawn stayed green months after it usually went south. But the real magic occurred in the spring. My lawn started the season strong and with the nutrients it needed.  By the time summer arrived, I had my greenest lawn ever!

Valparaiso’s Incentive for Finishing Strong!

A Family Affair! The Dalys’ has been a part of the Valpo landscape since the 1880s.

According to the article, Why Fall Lawn Fertilizer is the Secret to next Year’s Greenest Grass Ever!

Fall lawn fertilizer treatments will provide essential nutrients to your lawn before it becomes dormant this winter. A well-planned lawn care package will contain a fall fertilizer to stimulate the growth of new roots while winterizer fertilizer feeds essential nutrients to the roots- so that when the ground thaws, your lawn has the nutrients needed for next year’s greenest grass ever!

The Trick to Getting a Deal on Fall Treatments

The best lawns finish summer with fall treatments

With so many benefits that come with watering and starting a full-season lawn fertilization program in the fall, you might think everyone with a brown, drought-stressed lawn would be racing to get started in the fall. Unfortunately, most homeowners and lawn services make the mistake of neglecting the most important grass treatments of the year. However, this popular misconception can actually work in your favor because Perma-Green offers a special incentive for new customers that begin a full-season lawn program in the fall that includes both fall fertilizer and winterizer feedings.

The Trick to Finding a Deal!  The secret to getting a deal on a full-season program is keeping your eyes open for this Fall Special. I found mine on the Perma-Green Lawn Fertilizer & Watering Page.  Just look for the specials found under “Daly’s Tips.” Another place to keep your eyes open for the Fall Start-Up Special on the Valpo Restaurants website. As a member/sponsor, Perma-Green has a landing page with Valpo’s top chefs. Here is a link.

Your Guide to Growing Healthy Grass in Valparaiso!

Valpo loves it green!

Growing great turf in Valparaiso is easy peasy! Just follow the Free Valpo Guide to Fertilizer & Watering, follow the right full-season lawn care program, adjust your mower settings correctly, and water your lawn correctly.

And while this page is a great source for seasonal specials, you’ll also get a great deal more…. you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!   Valparaiso Lawn Fertilizer & Watering Guide. 

Daly helped raise $31,101 for Hilltop Pantry working with other Valpo businesses

Perma-Green is Certified through the Office of the Indiana State Chemist. 
To connect with Perma-Green, here is a direct link. They are good listeners!

Written by Jim Jano Janesheski



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