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Perma-Green's Steve Daly's family goes back to the 1880's. Lawn Care back in the day was natural fertilers

Helping Valpo with Lawn Fertilizer Solutions since 1974

Steve Daly loves his hometown of Valparaiso. While Daly’s Perma-Green (established, 1974) has grown from a small lawn fertilizer service into  Northwest Indiana’s top lawn care company, Daly’s heart belongs to his hometown. Daly’s family has roots in Valpo going back to the 19th century, and with children and grandchildren being brought up in Valpo, the love for Valpo is stronger than ever. Today, his daughters help him run the family business.

With such deep roots in Valpo, it should surprise anyone that Daly has such a passion for Valpo and helping people with lawn fertilizer solutions.  But the benefits of growing up in Valpo have benefits to his customer’s lawns. Just ask any lawn care expert, knowing the turf is critical in knowing the best lawn fertilization solutions, especially in Valparaiso and Porter County, where soil composition is diverse. In some cases, the soil varies from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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Steve Daly of Perma-Green gives lawn tips to NWI homeowners about fertilizer, watering and more

Steve Daly's

Valparaiso Lawn Watering Tips

If you have not already, it is time to bust out that hose or turn on your irrigation!
With temperatures in the high 90s, lawns will start to show heat stress and lose color if not watered properly. The secret to a great lawn is to water it correctly, feed your root system, and control weeds. 
-Water 1-2 inches every 5-7 days (early morning is best)
-Mow only when needed and on the highest setting

Here is a useful table to guide you throughout the season. Perma-Green Guide 


Valparaiso soil composition

Valparaiso Soil Composition

Dominant Soil Parent Materials: Wisconsin Outwash

Valparaiso Lawn Specials

Lawn Care is Perma-Green's home town advantage share a tradition of family values and hard work.

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Perma-Green's family roots in Valpo go back to the 1880's

The Daly family has its roots firmly established in Northwest Indiana, in fact, Daly’s family goes back to the 1880’s – when Valpo was establishing its own roots.

According to Daly, “having deep roots in Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana has been the cornerstone to how we do business. When you’re doing business with neighbors, you look at lawn solutions as a partnership. Accountability is something you give and expect back”.

Maybe that’s why after nearly 50 years, Perma-Green Lawn Care is still considered  Valpo’s best lawn care company.


Valpo's Original Grass Fertilizer Company's secret Formula

Perma-Green's experience and tools help's keep lawns green and prices reasonanable
the key

Knowing the soil composition and unique climate of Valparaiso helped Perma-Green know which grass fertilizers performed best within Valpo’s diverse soil. But it was through building lifetime relationships that helped Perma-Green grow and grow. Daly believes the secret to PG’s longevity is knowing how to treat people and meeting people’s expectations. These values came from growing up in Valpo. Daly’s family has been in Porter County since the 1880s. While this might seem like a long time, Valparaiso’s roots begin in 1834, when it was called Portersville.

Valpo’s roots begin in 1834 | The first home-owner had a breathtaking view

To learn more about Valparaiso’s earliest history, we turn to the book, Making Paradise.

Most cities are built on water. Valparaiso was built on faith, promotion, and speculation. Valparaiso’s story begins when Valparaiso was in Potawatomi Indian Territory. A treaty with the U.S. government was made in 1832 and the land became open for settlement.

Among the first settlers was Thomas Campbell. Campbell scouted the Sauk Trail, which was a significant route for the early inhabitants. J. P. Ballard built the first house in Valparaiso in 1834. The home was a simple log cabin; however, the view was breathtaking. It was in the valley by the stream that runs under Morgan Street. The first county commissioner’s meeting was held at Ballard’s cabin in April, 1936.

The lots around the square in Valpo haven’t changed since 1834

Most cities are built on a natural feature, such as a waterfall utilized for manufacturing or a harbor on the coast of a seaport. Other cities owe their origins to being located near a fort. Valparaiso originated in the imagination of promoters.

Valparaiso, which was originally called Portersville, was created by young pioneers chasing the American dream. They speculated people would buy land if they created a settlement on a beautiful wooded moraine in the center of the newly established county.

At the center of the settlement, the pioneers reserved a square plot for the future town square. The land around the square was carved into lots that sold for an average price of $100. These lots are virtually unchanged to this day. It took only three years for the Portersville Land Company to sell every lot in town.

Perma-Green knows a thing or two about Valparaiso and its soil and is proud to be the original Valparaiso’s Lawn Fertilizer Company.

Choosing the right lawn care plan or lawn care program is key to having a lawn like this home in Valparaiso.
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